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Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and  Disability)

Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability)

  • AQF Level

  • Course Duration

    26 weeks (6 months)
  • CRICOS Course Code

  • Course Fee

    2,500 AUD
  • Mode of Delivery

    Blended – Online with Work Placement

Recognition of prior Learning ( RPL): Overseas qualified nurses working as RN or Care givers to completing the course from their employment destinations including UK, Ireland, Canada, Middle East, India, Nepal etc by completing the course on RPL with assessment pathway.

  • Student Course duration can be shorten through RPL process.

Hybrid Option: Overseas Nurses can complete the the theory online and move to Australia for Simulation and practical placement. Theses nurses will get higher opportunity as they can visit work places directly.

Optionally they can further study into GCAN-ANP course or Master of Nursing with IHM if they wish to choose study pathway.

Course Overview

The CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability) is a vocational qualification that prepares individuals to work in the aged care and disability support sectors in Australia. It equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide person-centered support to elderly individuals and people with disabilities.

Upon completion of the course, graduates may seek employment in various roles, such as aged care worker, disability support worker, community support worker, or personal care assistant. They can work in residential aged care facilities, disability service organizations, home care settings, or community support programs.

Employment Rate:

The latest data are for the five years from November 2021 to November 2026. Over this period, the number of workers:

  • is expected to grow very strongly.
  • is likely to reach 341,800 by 2026.

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Course Details:

  • Qualification name : CHC33021 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing and Disability)
  • Course duration : Self-paced – 6 months
  • Delivery Method : Blended (Online with Work Placement )
  • Recognition : Nationally Recognised
  • Assessments : Multiple choice questions, Role plays, Workplace assessments, Written assessments

IHNA (Institute of Health and Nursing Australia) is trusted by more than 𝟏𝟒𝟎𝟎𝟎+ students and has been committed to providing excellence in education and training to meet the needs of the community since 2007.

Course Highlights

Practical Training

Our course provides hands-on training to help you develop essential caregiving skills, including assisting with daily activities, supporting client well-being, and contributing to the overall care team.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

IHNA’s curriculum is designed to align with Australian industry standards, ensuring you acquire the knowledge needed to excel in your caregiving role. You will learn about the Australian healthcare system, person-centered care, infection control, and much more.

Experienced Faculty

Our highly experienced and qualified trainers bring their expertise and industry insights into the classroom, helping you gain practical knowledge and prepare for the challenges and opportunities you may encounter in the field.

Career Guidance

IHNA provides comprehensive career guidance and support services to assist you in navigating the Australian job market successfully. From resume building to interview preparation, we are committed to helping you secure employment in your desired caregiving role.

Unlocking Career Opportunities for Overseas Qualified Nurses
in Australia’s Caregiver Visa Program


Are you a qualified overseas nurse looking for fascinating employment opportunities as a caregiver in Australia?
The Australian government recently announced the expansion of its carer visa programme, which would allow qualified persons to work in a variety of care-related occupations.
To meet the increased demand for competent elderly care and disability specialists, the Australian government created the carer visa programme. This programme lets overseas-qualified nursing support workers, elderly or disabled care providers, and personal care assistants work in Australia. The government’s new Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement ensures high-quality care for the aged and disabled while allowing overseas specialists to contribute to the Australian healthcare system.
IHNA Australia, as a premier healthcare training provider, is here to assist you in seizing these chances and paving the road for a rewarding career in the thriving Australian healthcare industry.

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Overview of Australia’s Caregiver Visa Program

The Australian government has introduced the caregiver visa program to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in the aged care and disability sectors. This program allows overseas qualified individuals to work as nursing support workers, aged or disabled care providers, or personal care assistants in Australia. The new Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring high-quality care for the elderly and individuals with disabilities while creating avenues for international professionals to contribute to the Australian healthcare system.

Training with IHNA Australia

IHNA Australia is dedicated to supporting overseas qualified nurses in their pursuit of career advancement and success in the Australian healthcare industry. We offer a comprehensive training program, the CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support course, specifically designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge required for caregiving roles in Australia.

Opportunities for Overseas Qualified Nurses

Australia’s caregiver visa program opens up a world of possibilities for overseas qualified nurses. By completing the CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support course with IHNA, you will be well-prepared to apply your nursing skills and experience in roles such as nursing support worker, aged or disabled care provider, or personal care assistant.

Benefits of Working in Australia

Working as a caregiver in Australia offers numerous benefits, both personally and professionally. Australia boasts a high standard of living, a multicultural society, and a supportive work environment. Additionally, the healthcare sector in Australia is renowned for its commitment to providing excellent care and continuous professional development opportunities.

Next Steps

If you are an overseas qualified nurse seeking a rewarding career as a caregiver in Australia, IHNA Australia is here to guide you. Complete our CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support course and take the first step towards unlocking exciting opportunities in the Australian healthcare industry.

IHNA Online Policies, Procedures & Forms Check this course currency on the National Register of VET

* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ students are encouraged to apply.

Why IHNA Online ?

  • Blended delivery (Theory Online with Work Placement)
  • Low fees with flexible payment plan options
  • 24/7 Unlimited Access with pre-recorded lectures
  • Comprehensive Resources
  • World-class learning platform
  • Customized Study Plan
  • Progress Tracking

Amount of Training

The course is provided through Blended mode of delivery. It will be delivered over 775 hours including theory, self-paced structured e-learning, simulation training and 120 hours of work-based training/ professional experience placement (PEP). 20 contact hours per week will be delivered through synchronised online learning which includes on-campus simulation based training / assessment. Besides the above structured learning, students are advised that they will be required to do approximate 15 hours per week of unstructured self-learning.

Career Opportunity

With Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Disability) qualification in hand, graduates of the course will be able to work as a/an:

  • Home Care Assistant
  • Personal Care Worker
  • Support Worker
  • Disability Worker
  • Senior Personal Care Assistant
  • Care Assistant
  • Accommodation Support Worker
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Community Access Coordinator
  • Community care worker
  • Community House Worker
  • Residential Care Worker
  • In Home Respite Worker
  • Disability Service Officer
  • Care Worker
  • School Support Officer (Disability)
  • Family Support Worker
  • Care Service Employee
  • Planned activity assistant
  • Residential aide
  • Field Officer (Community Services)
  • Nurse’s Aide
  • Transport Support Worker


What will I study?

15 units are required for award of this qualification including:

  • 9 core units

  • 6 elective units

  • CHCDIV001

    Work with diverse people

  • HLTWHS002

    Follow safe work practices for direct client care

  • CHCCOM005

    Communicate and work in health or community services

  • CHCLEG001

    Work legally and ethically

  • CHCCCS041

    Recognise healthy body systems

  • CHCCCS031

    Provide individualised support

  • CHCCCS040

    Support independence and wellbeing

  • CHCCCS038

    Facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support

  • HLTINF006

    Apply basic principles and practices of infection prevention and control

  • CHCAGE011

    Provide support to people living with dementia

  • CHCAGE013

    Work effectively in aged care

  • CHCPAL003

    Deliver care services using a palliative approach

  • CHCDIS011

    Contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach

  • CHCDIS012

    Support community participation and social inclusion

  • CHCDIS020

    Work effectively in disability support

Course Module

Total number of units for this course = 15

9 Core units

6 Elective units

A convenient way to build your employability skills and advance your career

Student Testimonial

IHNA (Institute of Health and Nursing Australia) is trusted by more than 𝟏𝟒𝟎𝟎𝟎+ students and has been committed to providing excellence in education and training to meet the needs of the community since 2007.

Course Requirements

Must be 16 years of age and above at the time of commencement of the course*.

*Students below 18 years of age should have consent from their parents prior to getting enrolment in any courses.

Successful completion of an Australian Year 10 course or equivalent

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) requirement preferred by IHNA

Mature age students (22+) may also be considered without the minimum education requirements. Each case will be reviewed individually to ascertain the capacity of the applicant to meet course requirements.

Digital literacy

Basic computer skills includes word processing, using spreadsheets creating presentations; finding information and communicating using computers; and being aware of social and ethical implications of Internet use.

Having own computer (desktop or laptop) to facilitate the training and assessment.

IHNA highly recommends students to complete the immunisation process before the PEP start date as some facilities will not provide placement to students without Immunisation.

*In the event that a student fails to meet the mentioned requirements, it may lead to exclusion from their practical placements, which could potentially result in an unsuccessful completion of the course.

Professional Experience Placement Requirements
  • National Police Clearance (NCC) or Australian Federal Police (AFP) Clearance certificate.
  • Required immunization.
  • Working with Children Check (WWCC).
  • Students must declare a disability or disorder (if any), or if they are on any medication which may require reasonable adjustments
  • A valid NDIS Worker Screening Check
    • Strength: To assist with lifting and transferring a client, and perform CPR
    • Mobility: To bend, stoop, and bend down to the floor; ability to move around rapidly; and to move in small, confined spaces
    • Hearing: To hear through the stethoscope to discriminate sounds; to hear cries for help; to hear alarms on equipment and emergency signals; and various overhead pages
    • Vision: To make physical assessments of client and equipment
    • Communication: To communicate in both verbal and written formats; and interact with clients, staff, and faculty supervisors

IHNA Online Pathways

Pathways from this Qualification

Students may progress to higher level courses within and/or across the community/health sector such as:

  • CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • CHC43121 – Certificate IV in Disability Support
  • HLT47321 – Certificate IV in Health Administration
  • HLT54121 – Diploma of Nursing
  • HLT57715 – Diploma of Practice Management
  • CHC52021 – Diploma of Community Services
  • Bachelor of Social Services
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Nursing

How can IHNA help you achieve your ultimate goal?

Overseas Nurses can complete the theory online and move to Australia for Simulation and practical placement. Theses nurses will get higher opportunity as they can visit workplaces directly.

Optionally they can further study into GCAN-ANP course or Master of Nursing with IHM if they wish to choose study pathway.

Study mode

  • Full-time and flexible learning options with classes available during the weekends, evenings, and weekends.
  • Students can also advance their learning process through Credit Transfer Or RPL process
  • Simulation-based practices in the institute’s labs and at workplaces.
  • Professional experience placements (PEP)– 120 hours in the placement setting, which can be:
    • Residential aged care facilities
    • Disability care center’s
  • The course covers both fundamental topics that all health care workers must be aware of and course-specific topics that allow students to apply their skills as frontline aged care workers.

How to Apply

IHNA Online has defined entry requirements for courses under its mandate, as outlined by its ‘Application and Enrolment Procedure for Courses,’ to ensure that students meet industry standards.

Step 1
Application: Submit your online application by clicking “Enrol Now” and pay your tuition fees.
Step 2
Access: Explore the learning resources and start learning on your learning platform. Credentials, user guide and a conditional offer letter will be sent to your email
Step 3
LLN:You are required to complete an LLN test, within the first 3 days of enrolling
Step 4
Confirmation:Upon completion of your LLN and any other prerequisites, you will be issued a Confirmation of Admission
Step 5
Cooling off period:Once enrolled students have a 5 working days cooling off period (from course commencement date) to withdraw from the course and avail a full refund of the fees paid

* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ students are encouraged to apply.

Skills Assessment for Healthcare roles under the Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement

Overseas Nurses and other healthcare support workers have the option to undergo any or all the following Skill Assessments to explore job opportunities in Australia under the new Aged Care Labour Agreement. These assessments are required to be completed by candidates nominated by an employer under the Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement, and ensure a potential migrant’s skills meet the industry standards required to work in one of the three occupations listed below

  • Nursing Support Worker
  • Personal Care Assistant
  • Nursing Support Worker

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) Skills Assessment

Under the Direct Care Occupation Skills Assessment category, ANMAC will assess applications to support the Australian Government’s Aged Care Industry Labour Agreement for the below two occupations.

  • ANZSCO Code 423312: Nursing Support Worker
  • ANZSCO Code 423313: Personal Care Assistant

Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA) Skills Assessment

  • ANZSCO Code 423111: Aged or Disabled Carer

if you wish to obtain assistance with preparing and submitting your Skills Assessment with ANMAC or ACWA.

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RPL and Credit Transfer


With RPL we assess your competency based on formal, non-formal, informal learning or direct work experience based on the required skills of the course

Credit Transfer

We use CT where you’ve completed units of study at another TAFE College or Registered Training Organisation that meet the requirements of another course. We grant credit according to the Certification, Issuing, and Recognition of Qualifications and Statements of Attainment. Assessing a CT is free.

If you’re eligible for RPL or CT you may be able to complete the course in a shorter duration with reduction to total course fees. Check your eligibility with us.


Any other questions in your mind – let us give you some more clarity with the following FAQs:

Ageing Support highlights the job of qualified professionals who carry out specific duties and responsibilities in aged services. They are expected to be accountable for their own work within established organizational boundaries and work in domestic, hospital, or community settings.

Both the specializations cater to a particular section of our community and deliver their services in a very meticulous framework. Disability services are typically not well-equipped to oversee the provisions and ailments of aging. Aged care services are unable to accommodate the stringent support needs of individuals suffering from disabilities. But disability and aged care services can frequently provide a comparable range of facilities to service users.

The salary packages for disability support workers may vary with the facilities and the organizations that they choose to work with. According to au.indeed.com, disability assistance workers in Australia make an hourly wage of $33.45 on average. As per the data collected by au.talent.com: In Australia, the average support worker earns $63,448 a year or $32.54 per hour.

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