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Our Partners

Our partnerships are built through positive, transparent, and engaging collaboration, and we’re grateful to the strong relationships we’ve built over the lifetime of IHNA. These partnerships may vary in their nature but they all share the common fact that there’s mutual benefit and a strong sense of purpose to move the healthcare industry forward. The students and staff at IHNA are grateful for the continued support of our partners and the access they provide to the best facilities and industry insights. We hope to strengthen our partnerships and increase our reach because there’s benefit in exchanging our expertise in healthcare education with the industry. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, make sure to express your interest with our staff today.

Industry and Clinical Partnerships

These partners provide physical access to products that benefit the simulation experience for students at IHNA. Other partners provide opportunities to develop clinical skills at their facilities, such as nursing homes and hospitals. We also provide opportunities to upskill staff with the latest courses.

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Job placement Partnerships

We understand the importance of holistic learning and growth , be it professional or personal. We offer career counselling sessions, mock interviews and CV writing workshops for our students. Some of our partners for Job placements includes: IHNA

University and Trainings Partnerships

Education partnerships offer further learning opportunities into graduate or postgraduate studies. A variety of pathways are available in order to ensure that students have a flexible, positive, and satisfying learning experience. University Partners

Community Partnerships

These partnerships are a commitment to serving our community and supporting the needs of the Australian healthcare industry. Become Our Partner Today Expression of Interest